Online Manuals

Pages marked are accessible only at BESSRC


The X-Ray Data Booklet Online at LBL
Center for X-Ray Optics at LBL (online X-Ray optics calculators)
A Link to The Data Analysis BriefBook at CERN

Useful Information

Rules to follow if you have to disconnect or reconnect ion pump cables
RS-232 Connections that work!!!
BESSRC Sector-specific Orientation Document for Sectors 11 & 12
Changing Energy on 12BM
Going to Direct Beam on 12BM
11ID-C Operation Notes
12ID-C Operation Notes
Procedure for Cooling Cryo Monochromator
Going to Direct Beam from Focused on 12BM
Procedure for Topping Off the Cryostat Buffer
Operating the MAR345 Image plate scanner
Changing the polarity of a Canberra 2016 Amplifier
Notes on using PAR 283 potentiostat from SPEC

Stepper Motors

Connection hints for most of the types of stepper motors used in BESSRC
A picture showing the correct link settings for the Bit3 card when used with Spec
A link to the documentation for the XFD EPICS motor record
A link to the documentation for the XFD EPICS scaler record
"Jones on Stepping Motors" - a useful online tutorial on stepper motors
OMS VME58 Motor Controller Manual and Addendum
ACS Step Pak Stepper Motor Driver
ACS STEP PAK Modular Motion Control System Manual(PDF File)
IMS MDrive Integral Stepper Motor Drive
IMS IM483I Stepper Motor Driver


Edwards XDS-10 Dry Pump [Instruction Manual] [Tip Seal Replacement]
Canberra AIM 556 Acquisition Interface Module
Canberra 9635 ADC Module
Ordela 1050X Linear Position Sensitive Detector
Ordela AIM-204-A Dual Timing SCA
Stanford Research Systems DG535 Digital Delay Generator
Graseby Optronics TRAMP Current Amplifier
Lakeshore Cryogenics Model 340 Temperature Controller
Tennelec TC452 Quad SCA
Advantech ADAM 6000 Series Ethernet I/O Modules
Galil 21x3 Motion Control [System Manual] [Programming Manual] [Accessories Manual]
Keithley 2701 Ethernet DMM [System Manual] [Networking Manual] [7706 Multiplexer Manual]
Omega iSeries Temperature Controller [System Manual] [Communications Manual] [Ethernet Manual]
Tektronix TDS3xxx Oscilloscopes [User Manual] [Programmer Manual] [Service Manual]
National Instruments [GPIB-ENET Manual] [GPIB-ENET-100 Manual]
XIA Huber Slit Controller
XIA PFCU Filter Control Unit
XIA PF4/PF2S2 Filter/Inserter

BESSRC Software Downloads

QSE - an EXAFS Data Viewer and Averager for Spec Data Files
qscan345 - a remote control program for the MAR345 image plate scanner
a collection of spec macros used at sector 11 and 12
qceplib - a library of useful routines for BESSRC software
qavrg - software to interface to Acqiris signal averager cards
qmca - user interface to EPICS MCA systems
qimg - simple X-ray image data visualization program
qxrd - software to interface to Perkin Elmer 2-D X-Ray detectors
SPECFE - A User Friendly Front End to Spec
marccdremote - software for controlling marccd camera from spec
mar345remote - software for controlling mar345 image plate scanner from spec
goldcontrol-1.1a1 - data analysis & control programs for the GOLD detector

Software Manuals

Igor Pro Version 3.14 Manuals (PDF)
Certified Scientific Software (authors of Spec) Home Page
Spec Online Documentation
Documentation for Trolltech's Qt Libraries 4.2.2
Source code browser for Trolltech's Qt Libraries 4.2.2
Source code browser for Trolltech's Qt Libraries 4.8.6
Documentation for qwt graph widgets 5.0.0rc1
A source code browser for Epics Base 3.14.9
A source code browser for Epics Base
A source code browser for medm 3.1.1
A source code browser for synApps 5.2
A source code browser for synApps 5.1.1


Table of IP Addresses of BESSRC Computers

Obsolete Software

tkzxtal - crystallographic data acquisition program
Documentation for the MCAPROG powder diffraction acquisition program