QXRD - readout and SAXS/PDF/Powder analysis for area detectors

Documentation and installation instructions for QXRD, sofware to interface 'spec' to the Perkin Elmer flat panel detector.

QSE - an EXAFS Data Viewer and Averager for Spec Data Files

I have written software to ease the process of normalizing and averaging EXAFS data taken with multi-element detectors using the 'Spec' data acquisition system. The software is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X - check it out!

SPECFE: A User Friendly Front End To Spec

Image Plate Scanner Operation (modified April 2004)

End of Run Reports:

All BESSRC users - including Independent Investigators AND BESSRC members MUST fill out an end of experiment form (EEF) through the APS Web Site.

Contact Information:

BESSRC is located on sectors 11 and 12 of the APS, in Building 433 (see map).

Group Leader:

Randall E Winans (rewinansspam at

(630) 252-7479

User Coordinator:

Jeanne Cowan (cowanspam at

(630) 252-1553

Web Site Questions:

Guy Jennings (jenningsspam at

(630) 252-0361

Safety Officer

Nadia Leyarovska (nadialspam at

(630) 470-4723

Remove spam from the e-mail addresses before using them.

Beamline Telephone Numbers and Contacts:

Station 11IDB (630) 252-1711 Peter Chupas
Station 11IDC (630) 252-1711 Yang Ren
Station 11IDD (630) 252-1811 Klaus Attenkofer
Station 12BM (630) 252-0378 Nadia Leyarovska
Stations 12IDB (630) 252-1712 Soenke Seifert
Stations 12IDC (630) 252-1712 Soenke Seifert
Station 12IDD (630) 252-1812

Any problems: contact Guy Jennings ( or (630) 252-0361